Virtual Services

What I do

  • Content creation
  • Content repurposing
  • Social media
  • Blog writing
  • Project management
  • EHR implementation & improvement
  • Email newsletters and automated series


Blog packages- starting at $300/post

Instagram content packages- starting at $200/month

Email newsletter packages- starting at $90/month

EHR automations and systems set up- Starting at $750

Wait list set up- starting at $250

Lead magnet, email list and welcome automations- starting at $550  

I specialize in:

Content Repurposing

You wrote a blog post? I’ll turn it into 3-10 social media posts with unique graphics and captions. You recorded a podcast? Let me turn it into a blog post and an email newsletter. You created an in-depth PDF freebie? I can develop it into a presentation for you to deliver via video to your audience. Content repurposing takes the value of your time and multiplies the outcome and reach exponentially.


Have a note on your phone with a list of 10 ideas for blog posts that you never got around to writing? Have a bunch of favorite things that you’d love to share with your email list but don’t have the capacity to turn into a newsletter? I ghost-write blog posts, social media posts and captions, emails, PDF handouts, and whatever copy you may need.


Using your unique branding colors and fonts, I generate custom graphics for social media, email headers, blog images, Pinterest pins, cover photos, LinkedIn banners and more. Need an education handout handout for clients? Want to design a beautiful journaling exercise to send out to. your exclusive FB group? Feel like upping your eBook game to the next level of aesthetics and content? I’ve got you covered.  

HAES-informed, non-diet Approach

Consistent Messaging

As a weight-inclusive, non-diet provider, it can be difficult to outsource your content production. You know it is critically important for your messaging to be consistent across all platforms and to always reinforce your personal and professional approach to health and bodies. You can't trust just anyone to write for you, so bringing on a fellow non-diet, weight-inclusive, HAES-informed Registered Dietitian can put you at ease and allow you to focus your energy on your clients without worrying about the details of your social media captions, blog posts, client emails, etc. I bring my extensive background in non-diet nutrition counseling and content production and you retain as much oversight as you desire on the final product.

Work Examples

I exclusively work for non-diet, weight-inclusive providers. Here are just a few examples of social media graphics. I have an online portfolio with links to blogs I authored, PDF handout samples, email newsletters and more.

Virtual Partnership

Some of the best parts of using a virtual assistant are that both of us can be working from anywhere, travel will never get in the way of continuation of our work, and temporary or permanent relocations (as is common for a military family like mine) will not interrupt our work flow. We communicate, provide feedback, share ideas and final products, and manage our workflow completely virtually. I love getting to collaborate and work for providers all over North America.

common questions

You can change your package month to month based on my availability. Before the start of the month we can make changes to your monthly package via email communication. 

It has worked beautifully for me to communicate with clients via a project management system like Trello, Asana or Monday. I typically use Google drive to share documents, graphics and more. We can meet regularly via Zoom to touch base about projects if needed. Email communication is also used, based on your preferences.

I love content repurposing because it takes content you’re already happy with and multiplies the investment of your time by reimagining it into new formats and pathways of reaching your audience. But I can also take a simple idea provided by you for a blog or social media post and turn it into a full-length final product. 

I am not offering on-demand client communication at this time, but I can design and draft emails (a welcome series, email newsletters, etc) for your audience. 

Blog post packages start at $300 and go up from there, based on how much additional content you’d like to accompany it. 

Mikaela Snooks, RD
Mikaela Snooks, RD
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Savannah is both personable and professional. She consistently overdelivered in the 7 months we worked together. She is organized and very attentive to detail. She was able to learn my voice quickly in order to be able to create content that took minimal editing from me. She was willing to learn anything she needed to in order to help me with additional projects. She was flexible in offering packages that aligned with my ever-changing needs. I would highly recommend Savannah as your virtual assistant, she was the best investment for my business and I couldn't have launched a membership or been consistent in putting out content without her.
Lexy Penney, MS, RD, LDN, RYT
Lexy Penney, MS, RD, LDN, RYT
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I first was introduced to Savannah via the Dietitian Entrepeneur Symposium last year when she gave a talk on VA services for RD's and I knew then that if/when I decided to work with a VA she would be the one! When the time was right I reached out to Savannah to hire her as my VA and can honestly say working with her is one of the BEST business decisions i've EVER made! I should also say that i'm a HUGE control freak and having run my business solely on my own for 4 years I was extremelyyyy hesitant to trust anyone else with any piece of my business. Savannah made the whole process totally seamless. My business has moved forward at a drastic pace ever since I brought Savannah on my team. She has freed up SO much time and energy for me to spend on what I actually love to do which is 1:1 client interaction. Her work is amazing - blog posts, graphics, insight, feedback on how to improve my process and client experience; there's literally nothing I've given over to Savannah that I haven't been happy with. If you're a non-diet HAES aligned RD looking for support, trust me - Savannah is the best!!!!!
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