Hi and welcome! I'm Savannah, a Registered Dietitian, Virtual Assistant, military spouse and mom. This site is where you'll find my professional offerings as well as casual ramblings. Enjoy!

Approach to health

I believe...

  • Every individual in every body deserves ethical, evidence based, and compassionate health care. 
  • We live in a culture that glorifies thinness, encourages the pursuit of weight loss at all costs and attaches body size to health. This breaks my heart.
  • Fighting against the weight-centric paradigm takes a mighty effort, an effort that unfortunately is not supported by all healthcare professionals.
  • Weight stigma, eating disorders, disordered eating and chronic dieting are all harmful, with outcomes ranging from body dissatisfaction and food obsession to mortality.
  • It is my responsibility and great privilege to join the fight against these harms.

I am passionate about:

  • People making peace with food
  • Fostering acceptance, respect and self-care of bodies without trying to manipulate them.
  • Designing a values-based lifestyle with health promoting behaviors from a completely weight-neutral and weight-inclusive approach. 
  • Offering a HAES-informed, non-diet outsourcing option for fellow RDs and therapists so they can focus their energy on the parts of their businesses that light them up.
  • Empowering women to be kick-ass _________: moms, business owners, creatives, healers, community-lifters, and more.

As a VA, I specialize in:

  • Content creation and content repurposing

  • Social media management

  • Blog writing

  • Client communications

  • Project management

Savannah Thaler Registered Dietitian Virtual Assistant on beach
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